The darkness is near and closing fast,

A fleeting sense of hope leaving too fast,

The heart loosing a significant one,

The earth loosing the light of the sun,

Loneliness so quick to fill my pores,

The light is trapped behind closed doors,

Why does this emotion enter my being,

Only sound no use to rely on seeing,

My heart compromised by the other,

Is this the reason light has gone so sudden,

The reason we push away the truth,

To keep us from finding the loot,

For where are the days filled with light,

When she was here how it all seemed right,

But it was a hoax played off well,

And I was lost just escaping from hell,



Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

There is darkness all over these wall,

The cries of a friend heard as a howl,

The presence of evil lingering about,

Then another drink of my golden stout,

How do I make evil scurry away,

Not knowing that he is lying awake,

Hearing the cries from deep within,

Feeling the rage that is just sitting,

Hopelessly fighting but only in vain,

Feeling pleasure at my feeling of pain,

What is this monster I am trying to hide,

Some say a dark and sinister side,

But even roses seem to have thorns,

This may just be a sign that I too have horns.



Those who are meant to be in your life, will be,

Those who aren’t will fade away, you’ll see,

Some will do their very best to win your affection,

Others won’t even attempt to make make a connection,

Yet the ones who give the least, usually gain the most,

Because they pull us in like a drug, we crave that dose,

If only we’d realize that our happiness is based on synergy,

We’d be filled with more love instead of all this misery,

So if this sheds a light and helps you to open your mind,

Study those in your life to see who is worth your time,

Only then will become clear that some will fade, you’ll see.

Because those who are meant to be in your life, will be!



Josh Fernandes

Josh Fernandes

Hello World My name is Josh and Ihave been writing poetry since Highschool and still has a passion 4 it. let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by.