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The darkness is near and closing fast,

A fleeting sense of hope leaving too fast,

The heart loosing a significant one,

The earth loosing the light of the sun,


You were hurt in the past, that’s why your taking this path, with caution you should proceed,

This road you are traveling, I’m scratching my head it’s baffling, your bound to crash with this speed,

Open your eyes and see that your the catalyst, a new heart your helping to break,

You will always be the second, a side piece, an amulet, his desire is only to take,

Your soul one night at a time, just like he is taking hers and she’s the one he will never leave,

You need a partner in crime, not just an undercover who…

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

A new sense of destruction enters my mind,

Another victim blinded by his own kind,

I wasn’t at all interested in her heart,

It had crossed my mind but I’d stay smart,

Not to get involved just keeping my distance,

But here I go again, losing all my wisdom,

For I have fallen prey to her seducing eyes,

Her lips of red telling deceiving lies,

I had seen the warnings but I ignored,

Now nevertheless I’ve been reborn,

A stronger man today than I was yesterday,

A weaker man than I’d be the next day,

For love is my never-ending…

Photo by Nicolas Becker from Pexels

To my ex…

You said you loved me but your words held no weight,

Just like you said you would always be there and wait,

I remember thinking our love was meant to be our fate,

Now in my heart I feel something I don’t want to feel… hate,

To my ex mother-in-law

I will never forget that you said you’ve never seen her so euphoric,

It made you happy to see that her treatment was far from horrid,

She even said being the center of my world like I was in her orbit,

She was always on new adventures…

Those who are meant to be in your life, will be,

Those who aren’t will fade away, you’ll see,

Some will do their very best to win your affection,


Hey kiskisi how do I start to explain myself,

Make sure my words are sincere and heartfelt,

You should know your not alone or by yourself,

But where do I find the words to make you believe,

That I am not the man, who will ever try to deceive,

Trust, a five-letter word that is very hard to receive,

Still, I ask you to listen to your heart as I have heard mine,

Open your mind and I promise the answer you’ll find,

Hear how my soul beckons to yours to give you a sign,

I know you hear it…

Photo by Henry Gh from Pexels

Hey baby girl I see your world is crumbling,

Memories fading away and its very puzzling,

Your soul cries out to mine, it’s summoning,

Begging keeping me close as the cries are troubling,

I am always here for you I said, with sincerity,

But circumstances make it seem like heresy,

U needed a friend to listen, the best kind of therapy,

But I was ghost, couldn’t give answers, no clarity,

You developed a Anger taking you to a psychotic border,

Friends lying, hiding my reasons, a fugitive they harbor,

Weeks and months pass it seems your blade is only getting…

Josh Fernandes

Hello World My name is Josh and Ihave been writing poetry since Highschool and still has a passion 4 it. let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by.

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